Proprietary custom aluminum parts

We here at Inner Mountain are very aware that precision and strength are of the utmost importance. Due to this fact not just any “off the rack” aluminum parts would do. So we designed our own proprietary parts to meet our specific needs. All of our parts are designed to function as a whole. The only way this could be accomplished is to design and manufacture our own parts the way we need them to be. All parts are CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum billet. They are then hard anodized to a durable satin black finish.

Aluminum Chassis
Aluminum Chassis

Our proprietary chassis is designed and produced specifically to work with our stock system. The pillars are threaded not slip fit for ease in adjustment and a rock solid lock up. The two forward pillars provide a solid mechanical mounting point for our proprietary tripod blocks, secured by two ¼-20 thread pitch cap head screws. (see below) The chassis locks into its own carbon fiber inlet via an aerospace grade adhesive, threaded pillars and a rear recoil lug located just forward of the trigger group. This lug is designed to work in conjunction with our structural core and full carbon fiber inlet to help direct any excess recoil forces back and through the wrist and butt of the stock. This also guarantees the chassis will never move rearward from its original location. The chassis only makes contact with the action at the forward receiver ring and the rear tang area, leaving a completely stress free installation every time. We also engineered a .030 tolerance from the rear of the action recoil lug to the mating surface of the chassis for a small amount of bedding compound to be applied to insure the utmost in repeatable accuracy.

Outdoorsmans Bracket Arca Swiss Adapters
Optional tripod mounting blocks

Our tripod adapter mounting blocks are designed to be the smallest and strongest in the industry. Machined from the same 6061-T6 aluminum billet as the rest of our parts with the same durable hard anodize finish. These adapters are attached to the forward pillars of the chassis. This provides an ultra strong mechanical attachment directly to the chassis with two ¼-20 cap screws. These blocks will not come loose or break off, no matter what. They can be quickly removed with a simple Allen wrench and a few seconds of your time. Available for Arca Swiss & Outdoorsmans tripod heads.

Standard 3-slot rail
Standard three slot Pic Rail bipod mount

Although there are many different rails for this purpose, we felt a small three slot rail was more than enough to do the job. We designed this mini rail to accept most any QD bipod without being horribly in the way when a bipod is not in use. We also designed an internal backing plate to provide a positive attachment point via 10-32 stainless socket head screws. The forward sling swivel also attaches to the same backing plate with the same thread pitch.