Carbon Fiber Stocks

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Gen2 Alpha

Our Gen2 Alpha model is currently our most popular design. A full 6 years of R and D went into this stock, making it one of the most ergonomically correct rifle stocks on the market today. We have taken great pains to put together a stock that actually fits a vast majority of shooters. The Alpha is designed by hunters for hunters. A large prototyping program, over a 6-year period, has given us input from a wide range of shooters from every experience level. This input allowed us to make many small changes in the final Gen2 edition that check all the boxes that hunters want and need. First, the stock was thinned in the wrist area to eliminate that heavy “baseball bat” feel in the hand. Then a moderate palm swell was added as well as a semi vertical grip (no more banged knuckles). The butt was also thinned and a slight negative comb is present to aid in a straight rearward travel under recoil and a flatter toe line was also added to aid in flatter recoil travel. The forearm has been given a 2 1/8” width for stable bag travel and accommodation for our 3 slot picatinny front rail and our positive lock midship slimline tripod adaptor (optional). Add all this to our proprietary “Structural Core Technology”, a full carbon fiber outside as well as a full carbon fiber inlet, coupled with our exclusive aluminum, hard-anodized, bedding chassis with pillars and an integral secondary recoil lug. In our opinion this stock is the strongest, most rigid, lightweight stock on the market today.

Gen2 Mountain

The Gen2 Mountain model carries all the attributes of the Alpha except it has an obvious raised comb. This aides in a better cheek weld when a low scope mount is not possible. For example, use of a 56mm objective or larger than normal scope tubes (34mm or 35mm). We opened the grip a little on this one for the shooters who prefer a straighter wrist angle when behind the gun. Our proprietary “Structural Core Technology” is used as well as a full carbon fiber wrap outside and in the inlet. Our exclusive hard anodized aluminum chassis system with pillars and integral recoil lug is used. As with all of our stocks the optional positive lock Tripod Adapter is available for an easy 2 screw installation. The front 3 slot Picatinny rail is standard and ready to accept your favorite quick detach bipod. As with every Inner Mountain stock, all aluminum parts and sling swivels are backed up with internal aluminum sleepers with 10-32 machine threads. These parts will “never” pull out.